Yurt alert

Yurt Alert

Brrr. It’s cold outside. You have entered hibernation mode and the only thing that could drag you out of your winter torpor (and your quilt) is an exceptional venue. What about an end-of-the-world experience? This winter the terrace of the Standard Hotel East Village transforms into a Siberian forest. Five yurts are hidden in an enchanting setting, in the middle of the fir trees and between the garlands of light. Come inside to warm up!

Inside the tents, the muted atmosphere is closer to the one in a Swiss chalet than inside of a Siberian hut. Comfort and solace. The fire crackles in the chimney while pounds of cheese melt in the cast-iron pots. Take a seat on the chairs covered with animal skins. On the menu, cheese fondue, accompanied by cured meat and raw vegetable boards. Curl up near the hot pot and drink liters of mulled wine and cups of hot cider with winter spices. It is the best remedy for too long winters and too cold temperatures.

You’re right in the heart of East Village and yet, in the privacy of your very own yurt, you’ll feel miles away from civilization. We promise you it’s the perfect hideout to let winter pass.


Winter Garden @ The Standard
25 Cooper Square, East Village
Book your very own yurt (4 to 12 people) at the following email address: wintergarden@standardhotels.com

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