Your Summer Trilogy

NYC Rooftops

Left picture: The Roof; Top right picture: The Crown; bottom right picture: Good Story.

Rooftop, rooftop, rooftop. It’s the watchword this summer if you’re staying in Manhattan. HQ of night owls during the warmer months, reach for the sky on the perched roofs above NYC’s urban jungle. The good news is that the 2017 hit list of panoramic terraces is full of pleasant surprises. Judge for yourself: we selected 3 new bars hooked up to the skyline where you will be able to fine-tune your suntan.

The most glittery & glamorous: The Roof at the Public Hotel
215 Chrystie St, Lower East Side
This project of an affordable luxury hotel is born from the collaboration between the hotel magnate Ian Schrager and French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Climb to the 18th floor to discover this trendy terrace and its aerial view of the Empire State building and the Freedom Tower. New York dandies and socialites are gathering at sunset at this bar melting on the horizon and are toasting with frosé (slightly pedantic contraction of frozen + rosé = frosé). You will love to hate it.

The most unexpected: The Crown at Hotel 50 Bowery
50 Bowery, Chinatown
A sleek design hotel stuck in between a huge Cantonese canteen and an HSBC bank: it is Chinatown’s first rooftop. The neighborhood’s gentrification is well underway. The 360 -degree view will make your head spin. No dim sum on the menu but still some local color with exotic fruits from the Chinese markets nearby (dragon fruits, papaya, lychee or tamarind) and cocktails marrying vodka and Oolong tea.

The most laid back: Good Story at Arlo Soho
231 Hudson St, Soho
Change of atmosphere and skyline. Let’s move to the Hudson River side with its view over Jersey City. The atmosphere is more relaxed with large communal tables, an inflatable pool filled with beer, pink flamingos, a grilling station and garlands of twinkling lights. You will feel more as if in a bar on the beach or at a Hawaiian party than on a rooftop in Manhattan. A surf shack-vibe in the heart of the city.

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