Winter is coming

Let’s be honest, we were tempted to keep this one (jealously) to ourselves… it’s one of our favorite winter spots in New York. As the mercury plummets, you will be hunting for a hibernation spot. For after-ski enthusiasts, mulled wine addicts and those nostalgic for mountain hospitality, we found an alpine refuge in the heart of the city.

In Manhattan, no mountain summits to climb but snow-capped skyscrapers. And it is in Chelsea that a wooden cabin opened last week on the rooftop of the McKittrick hotel – The Lodge. Outside, surrounded by a pine forest, you will explore the surroundings and discover a yurt decorated with sheepskins and a campfire overlooking the Empire State Building.
Inside, you will appreciate the comfort of a trapper’s house with a wood fire crackling in the fireplace. You’ll be spoiled in terms of seating: the leather armchairs buried under a pile of tartan blankets, the long communal table made of blond wood, heated benches or a mountain alcove with a fluffy bed and a library. A witty touch: the specialty literature about avalanche conditions.

When the cold settles, The Lodge will serve mulled wine and hot cider in addition to a more traditional cocktail selection. Be warned, at that point, your only desire will be to sit by the fire, re-read Frison-Roche and take up your wintry residence in this mountain refuge. The storm may well howl outside, you’re safe and warm in this winter cocoon.

The Lodge
McKittrick hotel
542 West 27th St, Chelsea
Fron Monday to Friday: open at 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: open at noon

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