Up in the air

Trapeze school NYC

What’s the craziest thing you can do in New York? Think outside of the box. Maybe a little adventurous. An activity that involves perching upon New York’s skyline. But not on a rooftop sipping a cocktail! This time literally hanging by a harness to the urban jungle. Get ready for your first trapeze class!

Along the Hudson River, on the rooftop of the Pier 40 sports facility, you’ll find NYC Trapeze School. Your teachers are funambulist apprentices, often studying at the circus school and always passionate about acrobatics. They can do series of front, back and layout flips with more flexibility than Gumby. For two hours, they will introduce you to the joys of being airborne and teach you how to let go. You probably shouldn’t suffer from a fear of heights and have a minimum of coordination. But once you give it a try, the experience is exhilarating.

The view itself is breathtaking. One World Trade Center straight ahead. The Hudson river running on your right. Rising Downtown skyscrapers daring you to jump. 1, 2, 3, dive your feet together into the horizon! And don’t be fooled, although it’s all very playful, it’s a real full-body workout and you’ll feel sore the next day. But this unique experience will bring you a bigger adrenaline rush (and bragging rights!) than your usual fitness class.


Trapeze School New York
Pier 40, Hudson River Park

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