Commandment #2: Thou shalt not go north of 14th street

We are (of course) teasing!

If NY high society lives exclusively west of Lexington Avenue between 63rd and 94th Street, and if French expatriates only swear by downtown, what is amazing about NY is that everyone gets his share!
Manifesto: My Secret NY is commited to sharing ALL tips: downtown, uptown, brooklyn, upstate, midtown (hmmm… don’t push it too far!)

To show our good faith, here’s a tip 112 blocks north of 14th street. Yes, in Harlem. Red Rooster: a picturesque place for a festive group dinner. At Red Rooster there is live music, colorful characters and a sizzling ambiance.

The Ethiopian chef Marcus Samuelsson cut his teeth at Aquavit – a mark of quality even if, let’s face it, you are not coming first and foremost for the food (“American comfort food” – fine but nothing revolutionary). You come to Red Rooster for the electrifying atmosphere, the eclectic clientele, the elaborate decor. Take a moment amid the hustle and bustle around you and lose your gaze among the knickknacks on the shelves and the works of art on the walls (some local color with artists from Harlem). After making your way through the bar for one of their bourbon cocktails, you can move the party to the basement at their jazz club, Ginny’s. They thought of everything at Red Rooster!


Red Rooster
310 Lenox Avenue, Harlem
212-792-9001 (reservations highly recommended … even so far as two weeks in advance)

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