Commandment #3: Thou shalt have the perfect blow-dry and manicure

One word to describe the New York girl: sophisticated.
Two sacrosanct beauty rules to be taken seriously in NY: blow-dry and manicure.

We’re not exactly sure how she does it, but the New York girl always has a flawless blow-dry and a perfect manicure. Makes you feel slightly guilty, as you still bite your nails and tied you hair back (again!) this morning because you didn’t have time to wash them…
If you are totally clueless as to how the New York girl manages to keep curls that defy the laws of gravity and a sleek mane against which humidity is no match, look no further: the secret is called Dry Bar.
Dry Bar is at the crossroad between a hair salon and a bar (tempting pitch, isn’t it?). They pamper you as in a salon, but here, not a single hair will be sacrificed. Dry Bar’s sole focus is your blow-dry.
We love everything: the yellow touches of color everywhere from the logo to the hair dryers, the white lacquered bar, the different “blow-dry” styles presented in a cocktail menu (will you succumb to the Dry Martini, Cosmo or Mai Tai? ) and, of course, the glass of champagne accompanying this relaxing ritual.
Alone before a chic dinner, with your friends before a girls’ night out (the ultimate for a bachelorette party) or for an original gift idea (cute vouchers available in the form of coasters).


Dry Bar
$40 for a blow-dry
8 salons in Manhattan

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