Commandment #10: Thou shalt grab your coffee to go and replace your traditionnal croissant by a bagel

I know. You like your coffee in espresso version, and your snack from Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris (and nothing else). But you will have to get used to local gastronomy!

It is not as bad as it sounds, don’t worry. First, coffee does not limit itself to the Americano of Starbucks. New Yorkers are actually roasting puritans and there are a plethora of places brewing good coffee (try Toby’s Estate for example). As for treats, it’s all a question of addresses. Donuts, cookies and other American specialties are not all bathed in fat and grease – some are even worth a detour. We’re not going to tell you about Dominique Ansel’s cronut (no breaking news there) but maybe you still don’t know Eileen’s Cheesecakes… even though it is an institution in NY! Eileen has been baking her cheesecakes for 35 years.

Eileen’s is to cheesecakes what Ladurée is to macaroons. But let’s be clear: you do not come to Eileen’s for the cozy atmosphere or the French sophisticated decor of a Ladurée. Eileen’s is a tiny shop hidden at the intersection of Lafayette and Cleveland Place. Photos and postcards cover the walls. Old school. Three tables. A refrigerated counter. That’s it! But it is precisely this which rives Eileen’s its charm: the delightful quaint atmosphere that takes you back to late 70s NY (the time at which Eileen opened her shop!). This record of longevity for a New York shop is a quality guarantee on its own. Try the classic cheesecake. A true delicacy.


17 Cleveland Place, Nolita
They also deliver worldwide

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