Commandment #4: Thou shalt date, casually

New York City, AKA Singles City, where everyone is looking for love. You will nevertheless have to adapt to the local customs of “dating”. A hobby made in NY, highly standardized and often frustrating.

You have probably already tested the different dating apps: Tinder, Happn (a Frenchy!), Hinge, etc. We’ll let you manage. But once you have found your date, we can help with the date spot.
One of our favorite dating places is 2nd Floor on Clinton. First, because it is a speakeasy. You enter through a much less glamorous bar, the Barramundi, make your way all the way to the back and push a bell to the left of the door marked “private”. Only then will you gain access to the intimate setting of 2nd Floor on Clinton. It is the perfect place to get to know each other: neither too noisy nor too crowded (prohibition on standing – house rule).
Go Tuesday night when there is live music, monopolize one of the sofas next to the library and order the Pear Tree cocktail. Believe us, it’s a first date spot which is guaranteed to lead to more…


2nd Floor on Clinton
67 Clinton Street, Lower East Side
(Entrance through Barramundi)

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