Commandment #6: Thou shalt buy organic and become addicted to cold-pressed juices

New York girls are demanding: they want to eat well and on top of it, organic. Free-range, GMO-free, gluten-free, hormone-free… “-free” eating is the new snobbery in NY. There are countless organic supermarkets (Whole Foods, Union Market, Trader Joe’s …) and we are impressed both by the size and the diversity of gluten-free sections. It can be surprising to see so many stores specializing in fresh fruit juices popping up all over the city.

Cold-pressed is the juice holy grail in NY. This method extracts juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables without adding heat, therefore preserving all their nutrients and enzymes (yeah, enzymes are important!)

Kale/celery/pineapple or carrot/ginger/cardamom… Juices are turning into real invitations to travel and brands compete to see who can come up with the most exotic mix. They all claim to be healthier than the other, and sometimes the options can be overwhelming.

One of the brands we are very fond of at My Secret NY is Love Grace. This Long Island City-based company was one of the first on the market and one of the few to have the USDA Organic and non-GMO accreditations (it’s one thing to write organic on your bottle, it’s another to get the actual accreditations).

What we like the most about Love Grace is that it is 100% made in NY. We’re not going to lie your papaya does not come from a farm upstate, but as much as possible, the founders will always favor local fruits and vegetables. Plus, the juices are entirely produced in NY.

We recommend the Ginger Bomb to boost your immune system or their current seasonal juice: watermelon/lemon/ginger/hibiscus – a real summer treat.


Love Grace
Each day of the cleanse includes 6 bottles
1 day: $56, 3 days: $168

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