The Sky’s the Limit

The William Vale

Spotted : there’s something new in Brooklyn! You probably couldn’t fail to notice steady construction progress being made on the other side of the East River and you kept an eye on the building which was transforming the Brooklyn skyline. We confirm the rumors: the William Vale hotel opened a few days ago in Williamsburg.

All you need to know about The William Vale hotel can be summed up in 3 numbers: 22 floors, 183 rooms and a 360 degree view. Staying true to New York’s continual desire for more, more more, William Vale has got a head start: the longest hotel pool in New York, the highest bar in Williamsburg. We must admit we were a bit skeptical. We were afraid that such a mastodon would not fit the confidential and intimate culture of the neighborhood. A little too preppy, not enough out of the box.

So we went for a drink at Westlight – the bar perched on the top floor of the hotel, melting on the horizon. The verdict? A resounding success. We liked the industrial setting and vintage furniture, the breathtaking view, their inventive cocktails and small bites to share (order the sweet pea and kale spring rolls or the scallop crudo). The William Vale is a hybrid hotel which has embarked on an identity quest. It navigates between a classical universe (with its shimmering white marble lobby) and a hipster touch (with its food truck Mister Dips that has just opened on the lower terrace). Make sure to keep an eye on their cultural program. A number of artistic and cultural pop-up events will be organized throughout the year: live music, painting workshops, dance performances, readings, yoga and meditation classes… and many other surprises!

With such a panoramic view on Manhattan, expect The William Vale to quickly become one of the must-see places among New York’s popular rooftops.


The William Vale Hotel
111 N 12th Street, Williamsburg

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