The seafood counter

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster

You have your favorite specialty grocers in NY: your Italian caterer in Chelsea, your butcher hidden behind a Japanese restaurant, your cheese shop at the end of an alley in the West Village. Finding good suppliers in New York is comparable to the work of digging for gold. A quest reserved for the indefatigable and savvy insiders. Looking for a fish stall? We’ll help you: we discovered a little marine paradise lost (and now found!) in Brooklyn.

Close your eyes and picture the seaside, spray and salty bites. No, you’re not out in the open air in Maine but in Brooklyn. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster is a seafood market you’re going to fall in love with. You can buy your fish there or dine at the counter. Sole, red mullets, sea bass, flounders and sea breams arrive at the stalls depending on the fishermen’s catch. Their recipe for success: products of excellent quality and sustainably sourced seafood. The owners know all the fishermen and favor a method of fishing that respects the marine ecosystem.

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster looks like the urban annex of a fisherman’s hut. Their fish selection would make Manhattan’s finest tables sigh in envy. But here, no waiters bundled up in bow ties, no pompous ceremonies. At Greenpoint Fish & Lobster you just relax: have dinner at the counter or at one of the high tables. Enjoy the oyster bar. Stand in front of the ice banks and begin your selection by devouring the sea of fish with the eyes.

No doubt that Greenpoint Fish and Lobster will become your new favorite fresh address in 2017.


Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.
114 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn

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