The good deed

PS Kitchen

It’s a feel-good restaurant. Because it serves a plant based detox menu? Because everything is delicious and you’ll want to devour the whole menu? Because you’re going to be seduced by the sexy atmosphere and the bar where you can sip veggie cocktails?
Yes, all of that. But there’s more! PS Kitchen also has the distinctive characteristic of donating ALL of its profits to charity and employing 1/3 of its staff from underprivileged and socially marginalized backgrounds.

Meet April. A woman with a big heart who co-founded the restaurant and whose generosity and determination will shake you up. This Wall Street banker has been volunteering for several years but wanted to go a step further and develop a new approach to help people. It took more than 3 years for her non-profit, socially and ecologically responsible restaurant project to come to life. She and her co-founder Craig Cochrane braved all difficulties and overcame all challenges. There are initiatives that leave you speechless. PS Kitchen is one of them. There are people whose energy and kindness amaze you. April is one of them.

We are so impressed that we almost forget to talk about the menu. And it would be very unfortunate because at PS Kitchen they take food (vegan please) very seriously. Taste the crunchy artichokes (our favorite!), order the delicious signature burger and don’t dare leave without having a bite of the heavenly strawberry shortbread with almond cream.

There’s not much left to add. You will have a great time, eat healthy, relish the moment and PS: you’ll also be doing a good deed (hence the name of the restaurant). Talk about a guilt-free dinner!


PS Kitchen
246 W 48th Street,Times Square

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