The bar that hipsters don’t know about yet

Mezcaleria La Milagrosa

In the galaxy of NY speakeasies, there’s a new kid on the block. And the least you can say about it is that its entrance is a headscratcher! You will first need to find the front door of a former laundromat, enter a Mexican grocery store and step up into a fridge door to penetrate the sanctuary of La Milagrosa. Above all, you will need to get their phone number as it’s reservation-only. Ready?

La Milagrosa is a bar concealed  behind a bodega selling Mexican products (prickly pears, chorizo, spicy sauces, moles). But the address’ attraction is not limited to the exotic products it carries. If you have your precious reservation (and, yes, we have given you the number below!), you can step into the massive fridge door and enter a very groovy hipster bar, temple of mezcal and music!

The owner Felipe Mendez designed a bunker with floor-to-ceiling wood paneling in order to optimize the acoustics of the place. And in terms of acoustics Mendez knows best. This music enthusiast is a musician and an avid collector with an impressive collection of more than 15,000 records. And when the DJ is not in residence at La Milagrosa, there is a vintage jukebox where you can play your favorite tunes.
At the bar, you’ll find agave-based drinks and mezcal cocktails that will serve you some spicy surprises. You can also order ceviches and guacamole. The atmosphere is resolutely Mexican with the long mosaic bar and the many typical Virgin of Guadalupe candles.

So rush to this clandestine bar to wake up your palate and educate your ears to the latest hipster sounds from Brooklyn!


The Milagrosa
149 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg

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