Summer vibes

Cape House

You already emptied your suitcase and put away your swimsuit, but summer isn’t over! To get back to it smoothly and get you up to speed on the latest hotspots, we decided to embark on a quest for the Holy Grail. You know, that hipster hidden gem that no one knows about and that you will be envied to have the exclusivity.

We proceeded methodically. We wanted a beach shake to extend the vacation feeling. With a fish and selfish atmosphere to remind you of all the seafood platters you had in Nantucket. A spot with a large terrace where you have space to breathe. A chill out vibe where you can walk in your summer attire: shorts and flip-flops highly recommended! Above all, we were looking for a casual place where you can discuss all night over a glass of beer or rosé. In short, we were looking for the coolest place in New York.

And guess what, we found it! Judge for yourself: a seafood shack where you can savor oysters, clams and lobster rolls as if you were in New England. But you’re actually in the heart of Bushwick hidden behind large graffiti walls. There are two bars and a large patio with parasols and picnic tables. Cape House is this amazing hybrid between a biergarten in Berlin and a beach house in Cape Cod. An jarring combination! The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner but you can also spend the whole night as there’s a DJ set and probably Brooklyn’s finest music. Told you: it’s the coolest place in New York right now.

After an evening at Cape House, you’ll be ready to face September and return to the office. Welcome back to NYC everyone!


2 Knickerbocker Ave, Bushwick
Open every day from 12pm to 4am

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