Sugar high

As a child, if your favorite fairy tale was Hansel and Gretel and you dreamed of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, we’ve found a new address that is guaranteed to make your blood sugar spike. The ultimate sweet tooth fantasy: an 8-course all-dessert tasting menu!

It is a well-known French chef in NY who is the mastermind behind this gourmet initiative. Dominique Ansel opened a new bakery in the West Village two months ago: Dominique Ansel Kitchen. Nothing earth-shattering at its debut – just a sister restaurant for this Frenchy, inventor of the now-cult “Cronut”, a hybrid pastry of an American donut and a French croissant. There are, of course, some novelties beyond the counter: the sculptural chocolate croissant (a real piece of art) or the homemade soft-serve ice cream window (be bold and taste the burrata flavor!)
But the real revolution began more discreetly two weeks ago on the second floor with the creation of the “U.P.” concept. Now every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is an after-hours tasting table welcoming 8 guests for an all-sweet menu located in the intimate setting of the kitchen. Chocolate pain de gênes, bergamot and bitter almond. Malt, nougat, cardamom and praliné feulletine. Strawberries, mascarpone and elderflower. In order to imagine a 100% dessert menu, not only do you need to be daring, but also very talented.
The menu changes twice a year, revolving around a theme. You have until the end of this year to discover the both poetic and Proustian inaugural menu celebrating in 8 regressive treats the memorable moments in one’s life: first word, first kiss, first job, first heartbreak, etc.

U.P. is short for “Unlimited Possibilities”. If the possibilities are unlimited on the kitchen side, the seats at the restaurant are not. Dominique Ansel handles like no one the laws of supply and demand and the scarcity principle. We all remember the early morning queue in front of his Soho shop for the privilege to taste one of the 350 Cronuts produced daily (and not one more!). With its 8 seats, you will also need to fight for a spot at Dominique’s table. But don’t worry, no need to be an early bird this time: they are opening up seats 7 weeks ahead every Monday at noon on their website.

If you do not fear a sugar coma, cancel all your lunch plans on Monday and log onto their website to try to secure one of the very few seats and get sugar high on one of your September evening.


Dominique Ansel Kitchen, U.P.
137 7th Ave S, West Village
All-sweet tasting menu at $85 per person (plus $35 cocktail pairing)
Tickets are available on their website every Monday at noon ET for seating 7 weeks out

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