Small café, Big crush

Café l'estudio

Fall has quietly set in New York, at the slow pace of vermilion leaves paving the streets of Manhattan and dwindling temperatures. Indian summer is officially over! Our new fancy: find the best spots to sip a steaming hot tea curled up in a comfy sofa. And to smoothly start November, we found you a cozy little café where you can enter hibernation mode.

L’estudio is your new sanctuary on the Lower East Side from here on out. A café full of charm where hanging around feels just right. It’s the kind of place where you want to spend your entire afternoon, order a second (or third) coffee and let the hours steep. It all comes down to the small details and the warmth of their minimalist Scandinavian-inspired decor. You like the pretty ceramic bowls and plates? They are handmade by the chef in his artist studio next door. Chef/artist Fernando Aciar indeed has his own pottery brand called Fefo Studio. A line all in purity and elegance. L’estudio is this small coffee but with an extra touch of soul.

Kitchen side, l’estudio offers a seasonal menu with Mediterranean and latin influences. You have to taste their gourmet pastries: the zucchini-walnut bread coming straight out of the oven (divine!) or the delicious ricotta and orange skillet pancakes. They also have very healthy options (special mention for their chia and pineapple bircher muesli with rosehip poached cherries), eggs, sandwiches and boards to share.

This autumn the restaurant will debut its dinner menu and natural wine program. We’re excited and looking forward to it! So hurry on over to l’estudio to take refuge, warm up and get cozy for the long winter months.


61 Hester St, Lower East Side

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