RIP Levain Bakery

Ben's cookies

It has been officially Spring since Sunday and pop-up stores are appearing all over New York. There is one especially whose opening filled us with joy and wild delight, especially all former Londoners. Spoiler alert: Ben’s Cookies opens in New York!

For those who don’t know them yet, Ben’s Cookies is the Rolls-Royce of cookies in London. It’s the British counterpart to Levain Bakery, the cookie specialist from the Upper West Side. And we must admit that between the two, we have a slight preference for its English alter ego.
At Ben’s Cookies, they do not bake chocolate chips but “chunk” to reflect the generous quantity. Their cookies come straight from the oven – warm, soft and delicious. Happiness condensed in 100 grams of pastry.

The news fell completely off the radar. No official communication nor media coverage. The pop-up store on Elizabeth Street opened discretely this weekend and will (already) close on March 27th. But don’t worry, Ben’s cookies will open for good in Manhattan this July with two stores: in Union Square and Fulton Center. Meanwhile, you still have a few days to make a cookie raid in Nolita.


171 Elizabeth street, Nolita
Pop up store opened until March 27th

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