Rei’s bento

Rei bento

We found NYC’s healthiest and most sustainable lunch for you! 

Green Appetite is a brand new, zero-waste Japanese vegan bento concept. Behind this project is an amazing woman: Rei. Rei moved from Tokyo to New York eight years ago. She grew up with both her mother’s cooking and bentos. To honor this tradition she began preparing a daily plant-based bento for her husband. Then for friends. Finally she decided to expand production and sell them. In normal times, it takes a lot of courage to enter the highly competitive restaurant business in NYC, but to do so in the midst of a pandemic is almost heroic. We have a lot of admiration for Rei, a real one-women show at Green Appetite. From cooking to logistics to marketing and delivery, Rei does it all! This is exactly the kind of initiative we like to support at MY Secret NY and we want to give a big shout-out to her marvelous bentos!  

Rei’s bentos are a real find. Everything is delicious: carefully selected non-GMO ingredients, heavenly fragrant rice, crunchy vegetables, and grilled dumplings will transport you to the land of the rising sun with a bite. Rei’s bento is also a feast for the eyes with a composition both colorful and refined. On top of all that, these lunches are sustainable. Understanding that not everyone has access to compost, Rei uses boxes made of fast-growing trees to ensure they will return to nature wherever they end up.

If you want to brighten up your lunch with a homemade, vegan menu that is mindful of our planet while supporting a young entrepreneur, order your box at Green Appetite! 

Green Appetite: to order, DM them on Instagram or text them at 646-232-2571. Pick-up available at Bar Moga (128 W Houston St in Soho) Friday through Sunday, 12:30pm-3pm. They are starting delivery (but make sure you’re in their delivery zone).

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