Our lockdown silver linings

Our lockdown silver linings

Left: The Cindies (photo credit: Isabella Boylston); upper right: Half Baked Harvest Instagram account (photo credit: Tieghan Gerard); lower right: Family Way


The past months have been disruptive to say the least, but we’ve learned that good things can come from lockdown. While New York is slowly starting to reopen, we wanted to share some nice discoveries that we have made during this peculiar stay-at-home period. Here are some of our favorite silver linings (that you will still be able to enjoy after quarantine ends):


WORKOUTS: The feel-good dance classes of Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside, aka The Cindies, made our days during confinement a bit brighter. The principal dancers of the American Ballet Theater Company form a powerful duo. With candor, wit and cheerfulness they will transform your living room into a ballet studio and your kitchen counter into a bar. All their videos are available on their IGTV.


COOKING: Did your Instagram feed also turn into a non-stop cooking show during quarantine? Everyone started sharing their favorite recipes: a curated selection of key lime pies, classic or jazzed-up meatloaves and tips on how to bake your own bread. If you’re lacking inspiration for dinner tonight, one of our favorite accounts is Half Baked Harvest. You’ll find the detailed recipes on Theghan Gerard’s blog and all the cooking steps in her videos. Simple, effective and visually pleasing (and of course delicious)! Trust us, you’ll find yourself daydreaming of her gourmet blueberry basque cheesecake.


SUSTAINABLE LIVING: If cooking is not your thing, you always have the option of ordering takeout or delivery (anywhere and anytime) in NYC. But not any way! This pandemic also highlighted the urgent need to change our consumption habits. Food service waste is a real issue: New Yorkers throw away almost a billion takeout containers every year! Deliver Zero’s mission is to help solve this problem. A greener version of Seamless, Deliver Zero is a home delivery service using reusable plastic containers only. You can return the containers to a delivery person or directly to the restaurant. It’s free, smart, and sustainable. It’s the first solution allowing you to achieve zero packaging waste with your takeout or delivery. The service is not (yet) perfect, but they launched recently and it is important to support them!


FAMILY: Family Way is a NYC guide for families that takes the form of a giant scavenger hunt. Your little ones will be able to discover the city through a multitude of challenges and clues. During confinement, the author Raphaëlle Grelier also created 3 treasure hunts on her website. Have a look – it’s the best way to entertain your children this summer while having them learn about New York.


MUSIC: We were listening to Faubourg Simone long before quarantine. This online Parisian radio is a real treat to listen to. No advertising, a lot of humor and an eclectic and refreshing musical selection of pop, electronic, jazz and rock. A must for your summer.

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