Life in pink

Carthage must be destroyed

Life in pink. It’s the promise of this Australian coffee hidden in an industrial warehouse in East Williamsburg. And when we say hidden, we assure you that it is not easy to find the entrance even when you have the address. No sign or indication. You’ll have to sneak in an alley on Bogart street between two buildings, before seeing tucked away in a courtyard a building whose air vents and external piping were repainted in pink.

Pink Monochrome. You’ll think you’re in a Pantone showroom. Inside, the atmosphere is pure pop with an all-pink coffee machine. The red brick walls blend in with the pastel pink decoration. The pottery displayed on the shelves decked out in a strawberry milk hue. This trendy design loft serves vitamin-packed organic brunches. The products are fresh, the portions generous, the coffee delicious. And it’s all preservative-free, grass fed, free-range.

But what we might like the most about this restaurant are the rules. It is written in black on pink on the menu: “NO PHOTO SHOOTS”. No, you’re not allowed to immortalize your 50 shades of pink experience. Yet with its white-washed reds, the least we can say is that the place is ultra-photogenic. It’s almost cruel. But if you are tired of serial bloggers who pull out their phones faster than you can order a latte, if you are looking for some peace away from the urban jungle and Instagrammers, this is the perfect spot! They also organize yoga classes in the evening. Told you, if you’re seeking cool, zen and disconnection you’re definitely in the right place.


Carthage Must Be Destroyed
222 Bogart St, East Williamsburg
Yoga classes – Like a prayer yoga

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