Homey feeling

It’s the kind of story we love. Freshly arrived in NY in 2011, Sofie and Sébastien embark on a crazy project: opening a restaurant. In New York: the city known as being the most difficult to conquer in the food industry. In Soho: the neighborhood where rents are known to be the most exorbitant.
He is Basque, she is Flemish. The couple overcame all challenges and opened a restaurant in 2012 (four days before Sandy!) you probably know: Cocotte on Thompson Street. Muted atmosphere, South-West cuisine, tapas style.

But the duo was not going to stop there! The Basque galaxy just expanded with the opening of Petite Cocotte, an adjacent café to the historic restaurant. You could spend your whole day there. Starting at 7am you can now grab your classic coffee/croissant. Or maybe you won’t resist the temptation of a more exotic breakfast with their handpicked coconuts directly imported from Costa Rica (to drink through a straw). At noon you can have a little snack – an avocado & Monte Enebro Goat Cheese sandwich accompanied by gazpacho. In the evening you can try their selection of French and Spanish wines and order some Basque inspiration tapas (try the roasted mussels and marinated anchovies).

If Sébastien holds the reins of Cocotte it is Sofie who took control of the new annex with a noticeably more feminine touch. Petite Cocotte is all about refinement and attention to details. We love the fine selection of Bellocq Tea, the personalized dishes born from a partnership with FarmHouse, a pottery workshop in Woodstock, Vermont; the white & wood bar chairs imagined by François Chambard, a French designer living in Brooklyn who launched “UM Project”. The setting is intimate. 8 seats. It’s cozy, it’s reassuring. So if you ever feel homesick, don’t hesitate to stop at Petite Cocotte – you will feel a bit like home.


Petite Cocotte
110 Thompson street, Soho

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