Get ready to be surprised


What we love in New York is discovering hidden gems, finding oneself in exceptional places and being surprised. Recently we had the chance to attend a cello concert in a chocolate factory lost in the far shore of Brooklyn with a beer and chocolate tasting. Magical moment! Or listening to a string quartet in a remote artists’ studio on the beach 50 minutes from Manhattan. Total change of scene! How? By way of Groupmuse.

Groupmuse is a classical music collective which invites itself in exceptional places. Whether the setting is industrial or seaside; it is a nomadic concert concept. It only settles down temporarily in atypical spots: a private swimming pool, a secret lounge, a discreet museum, an inaccessible loft. At first, it was a concept for millennials aiming at dusting off classical music concerts. Making them more accessible by organizing gigs directly in private homes. People like you and me opening their living room to a band. It’s the Uber of classical music if you like. And the best way to listen to Juilliard’s young talents in an intimate setting.

Needless to say we love Groupmuse. But what we like the most about them is the special events they organize monthly: the Massivemuse. Concerts in unique and unusual places. In a cathedral, a deserted warehouse in Bushwick or a floating food forest built atop a barge on the Hudson. You will never be disappointed! Keep an eye on their website’s calendar. There are house-party concerts every week all around the city and Massivemuse every month in astonishing locations.

Let yourself be transported by the flow of music and surprised by the originality of the setting. A great way to experience New York differently.


$13 tickets for a house-party concert
$20 tickets for a Massivemuse concert

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