Ephemeral & enchanting


What would you say of a gastronomic menu in the intimacy of a small local bakery?

It sounds very much like a Christmas tale. At nightfall, the kitchen of a Brooklyn bakery transforms into a fancy grand restaurant. Chef Mads Refslund has temporarily settled in Claus Meyer’s bakery. These two met while working at Noma, the Danish darling restaurant of all globetrotters, which won the title of world’s best restaurant for several years. This Christmas season Meyers Bageri metamorphoses into Knightshift where a culinary high end ballet takes place. The magic happens only for a few hours and upon the stroke of midnight the bakery returns to its original form.

Mads Refslund welcomes you to his ephemeral workshop with an enchanting menu in three chapters: raw, baked and sweet. He conjugates seasonal products with virtuosity and brings back with elegance forgotten vegetables such as kohlrabi. Cooked with apple, orange and aged goat cheese, it’s just wonderful. And you haven’t yet tried his pickled duck legs with salted cranberries. Or his wild pine mushrooms cut as finely as sheet music for an explosion of forest flavours. It’s not cooking, it’s art. Beware of leaving the premises without ordering his pumpkin dessert! A whole frozen pumpkin crystallized with yoghurt and crème fraiche.

Just one piece of advice: hurry up! It’s only 3 nights per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), only 14 seats and only until the end of the year. But don’t worry the rumor has it that Mads Refslund is looking for a spot to permanently settle in the neighborhood!


Knightshift @ Meyers Bageri
667 Driggs avenue, Williamsburg
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights
No reservations

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