Drinks on a boat

Whether you found the time this summer to sail the Ionian Islands, swim in Formentera’s lonely beaches and coves, or cruise near Bonifacio’s rocky inlets… the return of vacation will be tough! If you too miss the ocean’s waves, we found an open-sea substitute to get you smoothly back into the swing of New York.

More posh than its counterpart The Frying Pan, more central than Brooklyn Barge Bar, Grand Banks is a bar-restaurant built on a historic fishing vessel, the Sherman Zwicker. Ship lovers will appreciate its history: built in 1942 and measuring 142 feet, it is the largest wooden vessel in New York – prestige and tradition. Docked at Pier 25 in Tribeca, this hand-built wooden schooner also serves as a cocktail & oyster bar. They offer a selection of local oysters and an assortment of sea-influenced tapas. Also aboard is a small shop and, in the hold, a collection of vintage pictures and paintings. Sip your glass of rosé, order a ceviche plate and let yourself sway to the rhythm of the Hudson’s swell while watching the sunset… it can definitely be mistaken for vacation.

On sunny days, you might need to be patient: they do not take reservations and there is easily a 20 minute wait to board. But honestly you can’t do better in terms of escaping the city. Once you board the Sherman Zwicker you instantly feel a million miles away from the megalopolis surrounding you. And if the boat is pitching too hard, be reassured: it’s probably just an excess of rosé!


Pier 25, Hudson River Park, N. Moore Street
(212) 960-3390

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