Dinner with Woody Allen

Dinner with Woody Allen

One of NY’s small privileges is the opportunity to randomly bump into one of your favorite personalities while out wandering – whether you end up on the same ferry to Brooklyn as Leonardo DiCaprio, or at the table next to Sarah Jessica Parker in a Nolita restaurant. But if you do not want to rely on fate alone, we suggest you visit the Carlyle Hotel on Monday evenings to have dinner in the company of Woody Allen.

We all have our favorite version of Woody Allen. Whether he plays an inveterate neurotic in Annie Hall or an excessive hypochondriac in Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody Allen remains a quintessential New York figure. Woody Allen is not only a jazz-lover but also a clarinetist in his spare time. You have until mid-December to listen to him and his band in the setting of one of Carlyle’s salons where they have been regularly appearing to jam over the years.

If you haven’t been yet, you will love the quaintness of this hotel populated by dandies and Upper East Side socialites. Have a drink at the piano-bar before heading to the cabaret decorated with music-themed wall murals by Marcel Vertès. You are all set at your table, just steps away from the stage, where the universe of intellectual Woody Allen-esque New York is in the process of being born. It is the promise of an evening under the sign of refinement, sophistication – and all that jazz.


Monday nights at 8:45pm from January 11th to June 14th 2016
To book contact them at 212-744-1600
$165 General Entry

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