A cultural treasure hunt

CRASH tour

If, for you, a museum visit boils down to a dull audio guide and monotone comments about art pieces, we have someone to introduce you to: David Behringer, 38, art savant, genuinely crazy, virtuoso guide who wants to dust off the guided tour’s routine.

Every month, David organizes a very private and special tour occurring in galleries or major art museums (without authorization, so we can’t tell you which ones). Being in the loop is already a prowess. It’s one of those tips that only makes itself known by word of mouth. There’s no website and you’ll need to be added to David’s mailing list. You’ll receive the exact meeting location and the one-day only sound file link in your e-mail the day before. Nothing more.

On D-day, show up with your smartphone and earbuds to meet David to get some pre-tour tips and mysterious supplies. Then you are on your own. Put on your headphones, press play and let the adventure begin. This time, David’s voice guides you in a mad race through Chelsea’s galleries labyrinth. He accompanies you step by step. Walk straight ahead. You come to a crossroads where David tells you to turn right. The tempo is perfectly timed. Throughout your path, David points out noteworthy architecture and makes comments regarding bizarre and amusing neighborhood facts. The “Life Savers” candy David gave you at your arrival? It’s because you’re actually going to go past one of the first factories of the famous brand.
Then you arrive at the entrance of a gallery, which David summons you to enter. You not only hear David’s comments and insider tips on select pieces but also music and the voice of every artist inside each space. You are bewitched. But David already calls you back to reality: you have 15 seconds to leave the gallery. On your way to the next discovery.

It is a true cultural treasure hunt. And we must admit we were amazed by what David manages to create with a 50-minute audio track. It is completely original, perfectly playful and absolutely addictive. Each tour is unique and it would be difficult for us to describe what David has in mind for his next tour. But one thing is certain: we trust him to surprise and take you on a fast-paced visit that will be a far cry from the ordinary!


Email David to be added to the mailing list: david@thetwopercent.com
$30 tickets for a 1 hour tour
All tours end at a bar for after-party drinks

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