Cozy up – 3 Fireplaces in NY


Left picture: Fawkner; Top right picture: The Marlton hotel; bottom right picture: Art Bar.

A winter in New York: the endless days of a blizzard, the frost on window panes, the bulky snowdrifts on the sidewalks. After this weekend’s storm, we were in search of a wintry cocoon where we could find refuge for the next cold spell on the East Coast. We found three fireplaces next to which we could see ourselves curling up in a chair and entering hibernation mode. The storm may well howl outside, you’re safe and warm by the fire and at the flames’ tempo.

The most cozy: The Marlton hotel
5 W 8thstreet, Greenwich Village
Take up your wintry residence in the lodge of the Marlton hotel. Disparate armchairs, a small library, a large Persian rug and a furious desire to loaf around. This is the landmark of many solitary readers. Take a Milan Kundera novel, order a glass of wine, a plate of charcuterie and relax.

The most secret: Art Bar
52 8th avenue, West Village
Do not be mistaken when entering: a bar may hide another. Few people (truly) know this place. You need to cross a much less glamorous bar before reaching the intimate setting of the second space. A subdued atmosphere and a wood fire crackling in the fireplace. A speakeasy in which to hunker down.

The most hipster: Fawkner
191 Smith street, Brooklyn
It has the charm of a private club in London but the hipster atmosphere of a bar in Williamsburg. This hybrid just opened in Cobble Hill a few months ago. When the cold settles, just snuggle in the Chesterfield leather sofas by the fireplace and order a grog.

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