Concert in a living room

SoFar Sounds

8pm, somewhere in Soho. A small crowd is gathering in front of an old industrial building. Where are they heading? To a concert. Who’s playing? They don’t know. NY cultivates the art of secrecy like no other city. Glorious legacy of Prohibition, it is the kingdom of the speakeasy, hidden bars, and confidential rendez-vous.

Good news because we LOVE secrets. And even more to share them with you. So let us tell you about the underground concerts organized by Sofar Sounds: concerts every night all around the city with people like you and me opening their living rooms to a band. Push the sofas, plug in the speakers and get cozy for an improvised concert. How does it work? You register on their website, select a date, a neighborhood and wait patiently. The lucky selected ones will be notified by email a few days before the concert and the address will be revealed the day before. Then all you have to do is show up at the meeting place at the right time.

Sofar Sounds wants to dust off the concert concept. Whether you end up in a spacious brick loft in the heart of Tribeca, a posh Upper East Side apartment or a refitted Bushwick warehouse, each performance is different. Unique. A crazy folk singer, a guitar solo Jack Johnson-style or an alternative rock band that will remind you of Franz Ferdinand. You can’t exactly define what makes the experience so magical but one thing is certain: it’s extremely pleasant to be caught off guard.

So sign up: you may discover the next Adele!


Sofar Sounds
Concert every night in the city
$15 tickets

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