Coffee Break

Coffee break

Americano, latte, ristretto, macchiato… no matter how you take it, in New York you’re never more than a block away from a coffee shop. We let the heavenly smell of fresh ground beans and the lightness of cappuccino foam guide us to find 3 spots full of good vibes for caffeine junkies. 3 spots where the barista knows your name and where you wish you could stay for a second (or third?) coffee.
What else?


To laze during winter afternoons: Intelligentsia
At the High Line hotel, 180 10th Ave at 20th St, Chelsea
Nestled in the very chic High Line hotel, Intelligentsia is a coffee roasting company from Chicago. The setting is magnificent as the High Line hotel is located in the annex of a seminary, and not just any seminary: the oldest of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Inside, it looks like a British cottage or a cozy country house with red brick walls and large leather chesterfields. There is not a lot of seating, but if you manage to nab a lounge chair or a spot on the sofa, it is typically the kind of place where you would like to take root for the entire afternoon.


To help with meditation: Bluestone Lane coffee
Next to The Church of the Heavenly Rest, 2 East 90th St, Upper East Side
Change of neighborhood and atmosphere. The setting is a bit more mineral-tinted but no less exceptional. Natural stone, vaulted ceiling and a lot of spirituality in this small café of the Upper East Side. And for good reason, as it is adjacent to the Church of the Heavenly Rest on 5th Av facing Central Park. You are not often given the opportunity to enjoy your coffee surrounded by cathedral decor! So savor the calm and serenity of this place.


To enjoy a real coffee show: Hi-Collar
214 East 10th St, East Village
The obsession at Hi-Collar: educate your palate to the subtleties of coffee. You have different types of beans on offer and an array of different brewing methods to choose from. In this Japanese-run cafe, they take the coffee ceremony very seriously! The sleek copper-topped counter looks more like a chemistry lab with all the coffee makers’ artillery: rows of siphons, AeroPresses and Hario V60 ceramic coffee drippers. The cherry on top: this coffee shop turns into a sake bar in the evening.

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