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Top right picture: Amor y Amargo; Bottom right picture: Yours Sincerely

A small revolution is taking place in the muted world of cocktail bars. It’s called mixology. Forget about the classic mojitos and the outdated Long Island Iced Teas. Forget about hotel bars obsessed with exclusiveness and pitted olives. Mixology is the synonym of gastronomy and bartenders compete to come up with the most creative blends and the most sophisticated nectars. Even better than Tom Cruise, aka Brian Flanagan, in Cocktail!
Let us take you to three of our favorite cocktail bars in NY.

The most hype: Loosie rouge
91 South 6th Street, Williamsburg
This is the new spot for the cool kids. Loosie rouge brings to Williamsburg a dose of New Orleans, birthplace of classic long drinks, country of voodoo and mixtures with absinthe and a whiskey base. Syrups are house-made and liquors custom-infused. The owners enlisted the help of the mixologist Nico de Soto, owner of Mace in the East Village and Experimental Cocktail Club vet to revisit some classics. We love the Bamboo Sazerac which blends tequila and absinthe with earthy black-tea bitters in a twee 1930s glass

The most intimate: Amor y Amargo
443 E 6th Street, East Village
This tiny and confidential East Village bar is the paradise of bitters, an herbal preparation flavored with botanical matter. Rumor has it that they serve the best Negronis in NY… Just saying. A close to perfection gin/vermouth/amaro/bitter version. Their Old-fashioned is also a solid reference in the shaker artists’ universe. One thing is certain: if all cocktails are seasoned with “amargo” (bitter), they are above all made with a lot of “amor”. We love their bitters flasks collection decorating the bar.

The most experimental: Yours Sincerely
41 Wilson Ave, Bushwick
This Bushwick bar looks more like a laboratory than a proper bar. Cocktails are served in beakers (yes, like in your high school chemistry class) and on tap. You have beer on tap, why not cocktails too? At Yours Sincerely they have an all-draft drink menu including 20 on tap cocktails. Streamlining the slightly “pretentious” mixology process, you will be seduced by this original way to enjoy cocktails. A few weeks ago they also opened a sister restaurant called Sincerely Burger next door. So order a burger!

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