Christmas Wish List

Christmas wishlist

You have two weeks left. Two weeks to finish (start?) your Christmas shopping. Two weeks to redouble your efforts and find the perfect gift. Two weeks to get over your agoraphobia and brave the crowds in department stores. You feel the pressure mounting? You’re lacking inspiration? We have scoured shops, boutiques, showrooms and other pop-up stores to find original and outside the box gift ideas without breaking the bank.


The paradise of pouches: Bag-all
219 Mott street, Nolita
An abundance of pouches and fabric bags greets you in this charming Nolita boutique. It’s the chic and practical storage solution. You’ll find whimsical printed totes, gift & organizing bags. A cute bag with a printed pair of heels to protect your favorite stilettos. Pockets for your camera, sunglasses, computer cables… it’s simple, there are pouches for almost everything! It is reusable and, above all, customizable. Have your bag embroidered with a name or a special message. A nice gesture at an affordable price.

The paradise of superheroes: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company
372 5th Ave, Brooklyn
Marvel and comics fans can rejoice. In this Park Slope boutique you will be able to buy the full array of your superheroes’ paraphernalia. And we’re not (only) talking about costumes, but vital supplies for characters with superpowers: elixir of immortality, anti-gravity’s jerrycans, X-ray vision spray. Needless to say that here you’ll find a one of a kind gift! And on top of that you will do a good deed. Because hidden behind a concealed shelf stocked with secret-identity glasses is a door that leads to the headquarters of the nonprofit 826NYC, a kids’ writing, tutoring and publishing center that runs the shop.

The paradise of photography: Wonder Photo Shop
176 5th Ave, Flatiron
It is a café-boutique dedicated to photography. Download pictures from your phone and have them instantly printed on the medium of your choice: a customizable small or large format, a colorful miniature polaroid, in a book, on a mug. Give life to all those memories that fall into oblivion and the archives of your smartphone. Scour the store, pour yourself a coffee (it’s free): there’s a photo booth, frames, albums and other camera accessories… A real breeding ground of gift ideas.

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