Beat the Sunday night blues

Sunday. 6:30pm. And the perpetual question: what will you do on Sunday night? Sunday is undeniably the least inspiring evening of the week. Whether or not you have fully recovered from your weekend parties, or you have been worn down by the prospect of work on Monday morning or simply just tired of the traditional combo of laundry/cleaning of the apartment (because, yeah, you’ve postponed it for the whole week) it is difficult to escape the Sunday night spleen. The solution is the film club at the Crosby Hotel. You probably know this cosy hotel in the heart of Soho, perfect for a drink with a date or for an afternoon tea with your girlfriends (we highly recommend the formula Ruinard/afternoon tea). What you may not know is that the hotel also has a movie theater which hosts private screenings every Sunday evening. The selection is rather refined (recent Academy Award movies and a few arthouse films) and the hotel offers two formulas: cocktail, bar plate and movie at $35 or dinner and movie at $55. Dinner first and movie starts at 8pm – popcorn is of course (!) included.
You had dinner, you perfected your cinematographic culture and you are home before 11pm. The perfect plan on a Sunday night.

79 Crosby Street, Soho
2 formulas: cocktail, bar plate and movie at $ 35 or 3-course dinner and movie at $ 55.
Starting every Sunday at 8pm. Write to to book!

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