Back to the Sixties


There are cities whose mere mention make you feel instantly transported. This is the case for Woodstock, with all that the imagination conjures with this name: rock & roll, flower power, the hippie community, the counterculture of the 1960s… How about we take you there? Two hours from Manhattan, nestled in the heart of the Catskills, Woodstock is the perfect getaway spot for the looming Martin Luther King Day weekend.

Roam in Woodstock’s streets and discover a reconstructed folklore around the retro accents of the sixties’ psychedelia and the hippie vibe. You will cross paths with Grandpa Woodstock, a crazy hippie haunting the city’s main artery. Take or drop a book at the free library standing on the sidewalk. At lunch, we recommend the Garden Cafe, a detox restaurant where everything is fresh and vegan. On your plate: in-season vegetables lasagna or lentil salad brightened up with tofu and flavored with nutmeg. You will be especially seduced by their juice bar. Juice or smoothie, fruit or vegetables – the choice of ingredients and combinations is infinite.

Woodstock is an enclave in an unspoiled setting and verdant patch. We invite you to explore the surroundings. Stroll or run around the Ashokan Reservoir, one of the largest providing New York City with water, 5 miles from the city. On the way back, stop for a coffee and a slice of homemade hazelnut cake at Scandinavian Grace. This charming Scandinavian space houses a café, a delicatessen and a furniture store. A Nordic haven of peace in the American countryside. As for accommodation, we recommend the Dylan Hotel. Motel-style (so dear to America) but revisited with a chic and sophisticated decorative style. All rooms are equipped with old record players, giving you the opportunity to listen once more to Jimi Hendrix and Joan Baez and immerse yourself in the spirit of 1969. Peace & love.


Garden Café
6 Old Forge road, Woodstock

Scandinavian Grace
2866 route 28, Shokan

Hotel Dylan
320 Maverick Rd, Woodstock

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