Autumn in New York

Announcement: we officially entered fall yesterday. Weekends lazing in the sun are over: put away your sandals and take out your trench coats! For all those nostalgic of afternoons chilling on terraces who dread the glacial period’s approach, we have decided to accept the challenge of proving you that autumn is one of the nicest seasons, especially in NY when the city and the surrounding countryside take on their velvet ceremonial of green and orange-ish hues.

In October, one of the discoveries that will make you fall in love with autumn getaways is the Storm King Art Center. Located 60 miles north of Manhattan, on the right bank of the Hudson River, it’s one of the largest US sculpture parks. 500 acres, 100 sculptures – an authentic open air museum. Storm King Art Center is open to visitors from April to November but, between us, the best time to visit is unquestionably fall with its gilded copper colors.

Works of art scattered in the park were signed by the crème de la crème: Alexander Calder, Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Buren, Isamu Noguchi and many others. Storm King Art Center is a unique place of communion between art and nature, an invitation to contemplation. We’ll give you a quick tour! Wide angle panorama with a colossus in weightlessness: overlooking the surrounding flora, the massive suspended steel block of Menashe Kadishman engages in a gravity-defying balance. On another slope, four large weathering steel plates signed by Richard Serra spring out of the earth. Let’s continue this bucolic stroll, moseying along until you reach a pond where suddenly you’re face to face with a giant canoe painted by Roy Lichtenstein. Surrounded by a grove of maple trees, you discover further up the hill an enigmatic Buddha head crushed by a three-legged body, a chimera straight out of Zhang Huan’s imagination.

You can go to Storm King Art Center by car or bus (a solid hour drive). Once you arrive, you can walk or bike (they rent bikes in the park). Enjoy the Indian summer and plan an October country-style visit to this oasis of tranquility.


Storm King Art Center
April 1 – October 31 : Open Wednesdays – Sundays, 10am-5:30pm
November: Open Wednesdays – Sundays, 10am-4:30pm
Admission : $15  

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