An hour from NY

Blue Hill Farm

59 minutes – that’s how long it takes to reach this retreat from Manhattan. Need to escape crowded NY? To get away from rowdy neighbors? We suggest a respite weekend in a romantic getaway spot upstate.

Book a room at Crabtree’s Kittle House Inn, a quiet hamlet in the small town of Chappaqua. The inn, built 200 years ago, has fifteen rooms, each more charming than the next. Head to the piano bar, relax at the massive ebony bar and order a cocktail. Lulled by the American crooners’ repertoire played live at the piano you will fall in love with this country side guest house.

Make sure to book several days (or weeks) in advance for a table at dinner at Blue Hill Farm. Lost in the middle of a ​​80 acres estate, this farm can nearly live in autarky from local crops. Carrots, radishes and turnips earn their pedigree in the hands of chef Dan Barber. Here, vegetables are recounted and narrated – there is true poetry in this terroir cuisine. A single tasting menu is served in the modernly refurbished barn. Quite expensive but unique and unforgettable – for special occasions. The (unknown) knack is the 3-courses menu served at the bar – a way more affordable guilty pleasure.

Having dinner at Blue Hill Farm is undertaking a true gastronomic odyssey. A 59 minute ride but a promise of a far more exotic escape. So bon voyage!


Crabtree’s Kittle House Inn
11 Kittle Rd, Chappaqua
Blue Hill Farm at Stone Barn
630 Bedford Rd, Tarrytown
Tasting menu at $218
3-courses bar menu at $58

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