All-in-one movie date


Movie buffs and gastronomes do not always mix well together. A movie screening indeed often ends in a sugar high after the usual orgy of buttered popcorn and an overdose of candy bars. What if you could have a proper meal during your screening? Just to reconcile the Seventh Art adepts and food-lovers.

Syndicated is among the (too) rare cinemas offering an all-in-one movie date: screening and dinner in the same evening. Find your seat, get cozy while looking at the menu and order food and drinks that will be served directly to you at your seat. Even better, the menu often matches the movie: a White Russian cocktail for a screening of The Big Lebowski, special desserts with colorful pop sponge cakes for a screening of Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette.

Why do we love it? First, because it is an intimate setting. A 50-seat only, dine-in cinema rigged with rows of cushy banquettes. Second, because their meticulously curated programming is exactly how you would picture your ideal movie library. A savant balance between all-time classics, Oscar-winners and the latest releases. In March, for example, you get to choose between two David Finchers (the now cult Fight Club or the more recent Gone Girl), the two films of Tom Ford (the extremely poetic A Single Man or the new Nocturnal Animals) or the 2017 Oscar winner Moonlight. We also feel the need to mention that Syndicated is extremely pocket-friendly, with tickets at $4 for old movies and $7 for those still playing in theaters.

At this price, Syndicated’s trilogy of food/drink/movie in vintage digs is well on track to become a blockbuster!


40 Bogart St, Brooklyn

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