The Magician

Forget all the preconceived ideas you have about magic. Miles away from old-fashioned spectacles, stereotypes and outdated decor, The Magician makes magic shows hip again. Enter the chic NoMad hotel. Imposing fireplace, red velvet benches, cozy atmosphere. A hostess in a Charleston dress welcomes you with a card game and invites you to explore the second floor of the hotel. Get lost in the corridors, go past room 213 to discover a hidden theater, transformed into a cabaret from the 20s. Take a seat and order a cocktail – we recommend the Golden Pineapples served in a large vintage shaker in the shape of pineapple.

Forget all the clichés about the great prestidigitators – from Houdini to David Copperfield. When Dan White appears, it is as a sleek thirty-something dandy, dressed in a three-piece suit who stands in front you. He’s also an outstanding illusionist. He revisits some classics: making cards vanish right under your eyes, making a woman levitate a few inches from you. Fighting for his discipline’s renewal, Dan White does not hesitate to innovate and use new technologies in his tricks. No rabbits out of a hat but high-tech sleight of hand with your iPhone.

Forget all your certainties and Cartesian beliefs. Everything will elude your powers of comprehension. How does the wedding band of a member of the audience end up sealed to the stem of a wine glass at the other end of the room in a few minutes? How does a printed Powerball lottery ticket reveal the 6 numbers randomly called out by the audience a few seconds earlier? The public is stunned, the mystery is complete. It’s (almost) annoying. You will be bewitched by Dan White during the hour and a half of his performance. You’ll come out of theNoMad hotel captivated by the art of magic and fascinated by the aesthetics of illusion.


1170 Broadway, Flatiron
Every Friday and Saturday nights
Tickets at $85, $95 and $125

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