A reverse speakeasy


Speakeasies have no more secrets for you. A bar hidden in the back of a Japanese restaurant, stashed in the fridge of an Indian grocery store or concealed behind a phone booth. But how many speakeasy restaurants do you know?

We discovered a secret gem just for you. A reverse speakeasy. A restaurant hidden behind a bar and not the other way around. It is a confidential spot no bigger than a handkerchief that opened a few months ago in the East Village. And the secret tactic seems to be working since this underground joint is still under the radar of New York foodies. To gain access, you will first have to find the entrance to The Garret bar. An elegant cocktail bar designed to look like the trendy apartment of your most eclectic friend. Push your way through the crowd and head towards the back of the establishment. At the end of a dark corridor is the entrance to Borrachito, a Lilliputian taco shack with only five tables.

From the open kitchen, you can watch the chef folding his tortillas like origami. On the menu, refinement and exoticism in the form of small wheat pancakes. In your mouth, a real explosion of flavors. Each taco is a masterpiece of its own but the “Pork Bomb” is a must-have. A taco with roasted pork belly, confit pork shoulder and deep fried pork skin, with on top pico de gallo salsa and pickled onions. Don’t be fooled by the street joint vibe, because these tacos are delicious!

Now you know. Welcome to the most exciting finger-licking taco concept. A paradise for street food enthusiasts, guacamole lovers and Mexican gastronomy aficionados.


Entrance through the bar The Garret
206 Avenue A, East Village
No phone number

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