A night at Gatsby’s

The Django

There is a time machine in the catacombs of a hotel in Tribeca. It instantly transports you to the Jazz Age. Many of you are familiar with the Roxy hotel, but we would guess that very few are aware of the presence of a private jazz club concealed in its basement.

Welcome to The Django, a vintage cabaret boasting vaulted ceilings and candlelit corners. You can have dinner or share some nibbles at a table and have a drink at their sumptuous bar. Get dizzy perusing their curated selection of craft cocktails with evocative names. The deliciously quaint atmosphere is inspired by the Roaring Twenties. On stage, depending on the evening (keep an eye on their schedule) there may be a string quintet, a guitar soloist or a gypsy jazz band performing. Swing, salsa or shimmy… no matter the tempo of dance, the atmosphere is always electric! At 10pm the floor show starts and the space transforms into an années folles spectacular of dancing and chatter. Following the beat of a Charleston rhythm, the bodies move with a suggestive sway. The aura of Joséphine Baker undeniably looms over this New York music hall. So let yourself be transported by the energy, the bursts of laughter and the clink of glasses cheering at the rhythm of celebrations and melting into the dark night.

The drinks are flowing and the band is playing. It is a Gatsby show, with plenty of panache and virtuosity. We do not promise you Leonardo DiCaprio but, at least, a night of revelry, frenzy – and all that jazz.


The Django
The Roxy Hotel, 2 Avenue of the Americas, Tribeca

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