A gallery unlike any other

Michele Mariaud Gallery

Visiting an art gallery too often resembles a visit to the museum. You come to admire the works, not to buy them. Why? Because the established galleries, the famous ones, can easily be intimidating: large white spaces, no talking, no touching, prices on demand only (and often exorbitant). Interested in experiencing something different?

You will have to ring at 153 Lafayette Street in Soho and climb to the 4th floor. You enter Michele Mariaud’s apartment and step into the intimacy of a large loft converted into a gallery. This French Canadian passionate about art had the ambition to support emerging artists and facilitate access to art for the masses. Michele is here to guide you, discuss, share her impressions or whisper an anecdote about an artist between two coffees. Here, no fuss, no pompous formalities. And, above all, affordable prices starting at $200! Michele Mariaud succeeds with talent and discretion to create an atmosphere favorable to new discoveries, emotions and instinctual bonds to your next favorite art piece.

In this hidden gallery you will discover artists like Joel Kuntz, former publicist, who began his series of skyscrapers and landmark collages in the form of robots on an order from his young son. Or Serge Bloc, the French cartoonist, who embarked on a jubilatory vegetable ballet by sketching portraits where lettuce leaves and salsifies are the stars of the show. A contemporary version of Giuseppe Arcimboldo if you like. The gallery also organizes events throughout the year: meetings with artists or lunches with talented chefs.

Be curious and go ring at Michele’s. Who knows, you may start your very own art collection!


Michele Mariaud Gallery
153 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor

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