3 Hidden Terraces

3 hidden terraces

Left picture: Bricolage; Top right picture: Gilligan’s; bottom right picture: Llama Inn.

Too show off. Too noisy. Too crowded… Finding the perfect terrace can quickly give you a headache ! With the heatwave, your one and only obsession is to find a shady patio where you can sip a Spritz away from the urban hustle and bustle. We explored the city from top to bottom and scoured all neighborhoods looking for your next vacation HQ in NY. And we are betting you have not yet ventured into one of these 3 terraces.

The most ephemeral: Gilligan’s
310 West Broadway, Soho
In New York’s urban jungle, Gilligan’s is what comes closest to a beachy spot. Large white umbrellas, folding chairs, tropical plants: for a few weeks, the bar of the Soho Grand hotel turns into your preferred summer destination. On the menu, pizzas and light bites to share. At the bar, organic juices but most importantly a watermelon frozen margarita which alone is worth the trip! You have until September to taste the sweet vacation feeling on this terrace.

The most daring: Llama Inn
162 5th Ave, Park Slope
A bit of Peru in the heart of Williamsburg. This is the promise of Llama Inn which opened next to the B.Q.E. in Williamsburg. Does not sound appealing, right? But we promise, once you climb the terrace upstairs, you’ll forget about traffic. Order a Llama Del Rey (we love their cocktails) and enjoy the sleek and cozy sundeck. Everything is extremely tasty so it’s a place to get adventurous. Try the skewered beef hearts under a red mash of salsa or the hunks of tender goat neck crowned with quinoa crisps.

The most exotic: Bricolage
162 5th Ave, Park Slope
If the name is French, the kitchen is real Vietnamese in this hidden gem in Park Slope. The backyard of this gastropub is our latest find. Flowers in pots, plants everywhere. A DIY setting with mismatched furniture that gives the place all its character. And the food? It is simply delicious. You’ll devour Bánh Xeo, those Vietnamese crepes stuffed with shrimp and pork, spicy lemongrass tofu, rice noodles in coconut milk and cashew… Close your eyes, you are at the edge of the Saigon river.

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