Kingdom of Dumpling

Tim Ho Wan

Before settling into New York for good, MY Secret NY was exploring the Hong Kong lands on the other side of the globe. And we still have a fond and warmhearted memory of one discovery there: a tiny dim sum counter hidden behind an escalator at the entrance of a subway station. You’re probably frowning right now… But beware that behind what looked like a restaurant of questionable quality food, hides the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant and the best dim sum of the city! Well, guess who just opened in Manhattan?

Rest reassured, the New York version of Tim Ho Wan has not opened in the corridors of the MTA but in Astor Place. Notice the attempt at a hybrid setting, a NY touch mixed with Asian inspiration. Not sure if it’s a success, but anyway, you’re not coming to Tim Ho Wan for the decoration. You rush there for their steamed dim sum, those little divine Oriental morsels. Their other specialty: their baked bun with BBQ pork. Totally addicting.

You can order your selection of exotic raviolis and other Cantonese specialties on a piece of yellow paper. Not a dish above $5.50! So don’t hesitate to pile up the steam baskets and take the opportunity to taste everything on the menu. Everything is freshly made and prepared the same day in their kitchen. This is where Tim Ho Wan separates himself from the rest: fine gastronomy at a low price.

The only downside: you might need to be patient as the restaurant does not take reservations. We went with the intention of making a gluttonous pilgrimage to the dim sum kingdom at the opening a few weeks ago, but (unfortunately) we were not the only ones… Former Hong Kong people and Tim Ho Wan fans had already taken the place by storm.


Tim Ho Wan
85 4th Ave, Astor Place

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