Chef Apprentice

The Brooklyn Kitchen

Cooking classes are on the rise in NY. Whether you’re a stoves’ pro or a bumbling amateur, we found the class that will get everyone to agree. On the menu: conviviality, inspiring recipes and tasty incantations. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to go!

Welcome to The Brooklyn Kitchen. This 7,000-square-foot complex in Williamsburg is primarily a kitchen-supply store and a delicatessen. But the surprise is located at the back of the shop – a workshop converted into a true culinary laboratory with high-tech appliances. Individual billboards, brick walls, and a lofty setting: no doubt you are on hipster turf. The ideal playground for all budding cooks.

What we love about The Brooklyn Kitchen is the variety and quality of the cooking classes. Every evening, classes with well-resea rched themes are brilliantly conducted by chefs and gastronomy professionals. There are the technical classes: the very popular « basic knife skills » class for example, to sharpen your manipulation of knives. Mince, chop, chisel… the art of cutting will soon have no more secrets for you. Then there are all the thematic classes: by product (evening focus on macaroons, homemade dumplings or fresh pastas), by country (initiation to Spanish or Japanese cuisine). And finally there are the more original and playful classes like their “couple dinner class”. Ideal for a gift to your beloved one or for a very unusual and surprising date night. Success guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? Gird your aprons and unsheathe your cooking utensils! We promise you a moment of pleasure, food celebration and gluttony.


The Brooklyn kitchen
100 Frost St, Williamsburg

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